"Apps on your Wi-Fi Router"

"Apps on your Wi-Fi" Interactive Demo

There's now 1 billion wi-fi access points in the world. HotspotBnB is the first to give them a built-in app store - supporting IoT, A.I, blockchain and decentralized applications (DApps). Millions of these devices can be upgraded today, for FREE.  Learn more

  • free, open and autonomous with full anonymity
  • patent purchase agreement with Google
  • 100's of apps registered on our app-store
  • 100+ million compatible devices by 2022

Our pioneering software makes exploring and installing applications to your wi-fi router a similar experience to smartphones - giving your entire home instant access to the latest developments in privacy, security, control, entertainment and more.

Raspberry Pi owners can upgrade today, upgrade for free.

Play Safe,

Sion Buckler